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    I’m pleased to write about my experience with the Autorijschool Haaglandia.. I think I was lucky to have such a brilliant instructor Mr. Ahmed Moaty! I don’t speak good Dutch but it was not a problem at all .

    I lacked confidence for highways and driving during rush hours but he helped me in overcoming everything.Learned how to be conscious at crosspoints, cycles, scooters, give way, voorrang, boards, marks on ground, how to look in the mirrors, your right lane hence everything which is important to drive safely was been taught.

    He is very patient, polite, and the best very respectful .. I always enjoyed my lessons .Not expensive at all as I know many of my friends paying double for one lesson.

    I Passed my exam the second time it was just unbelievable for me but good guidance made it possible.
    I would definitely recommend this school if you want to get your license soon and be a good driver.